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Goal of $50,000

Project Sadaqa began in 2013 when MSAs from across Texas came together at the state capitol to volunteer. In 2016, Project Sadaqa moved from simply being a volunteer event to growing into a fundraising staple of Showdown. The goal of Project Sadaqa is to support causes that are working to better our communities by raising funds and highlighting the efforts of crucial organizations working within these areas.


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This year, we have decided to have two beneficiaries: Islamic Relief USA and Baitulmaal. In Gaza, Baitulmaal is blessed to have direct field workers supporting healthcare in the West Bank and currently operating 400 water tanks. IRUSA have been on the ground in Gaza for the past 25 years and receive immediate updates of needs, ready to act. In addition they have provided winter aid, emergency aid, medications & supplied, food assistance, orphan sponsorship and more.
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