2018 Scholarship Winners

Sarah Ahmed
Texas A&M University School of Law

Major: n/a

Sarah is a first year law student, and hopes to use her legal education to further her work in advocacy and activism. She is the Legislative Coordinator for Texas for Amnesty International USA (AIUSA). Her work with AIUSA has allowed her to be well acquainted with different policies pertaining to human rights issues. Sarah's work, especially in educating and spreading awareness about the Global Refugee Crisis, has fostered her interest in policy work. Her experiences with AIUSA have reinforced the importance and need for advocacy work. Her interest in policy led her to intern in Washington D.C. at Capitol Hill for the House Democratic Caucus. Her time spent in D.C. along with her other involvements reinforced the need for further representation and inclusivity. She wants her work to be able to bring a distinct minority point of view to the table.

Karma Dadoush
The University of Texas at Austin
Major: Sociology, Pre-Law

Karma Dadoush is a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin who appreciates the little things in life, such as In-N-Out burgers, tea time with her friends, de-stressing at Nueces Mosque and at MSA events, and roller-blading around campus. Her passion for law stems from her origin and home country, Syria. She was born and raised in Damascus and was forced to flee with her family in 2012 after the war became too dangerous. Allah gave her the blessing and opportunity of moving to the United States,  and she has come to realize that the struggles she goes through on a daily basis are so minuscule compared to the struggles of her people back home and countless others around the world. Karma strongly believes that Allah protected her from a war-struck country not because one individual is more deserving of basic human rights than another, but because her test in this world is to push through small struggles, always work with persistence and positivity, and pursue an education and a career to help and represent those who are exploited and disenfranchised, whose rights are abused and disregarded.  

Zaid A Basit

The University of Texas at Austin
Major(s): Finance and Government

Zaid is in his second year at the University of Texas at Austin studying Finance in the Red McCombs School of Business as well as Government. Zaid previously served on the LSC Steering Committee for Showdown 2018 when it was held at UT. He just finished up his term on the Nueces Mosque Executive Committee and currently serves as the Brothers' Coordinator for the Texas MSA. Feel free to send in any ideas or suggestions to texasmsa.brothers@gmail.com. This upcoming semester, Zaid will also be serving on the board for MIST Houston as the Finance Chair. Please pray for Zaid as he has a lot going on and he needs to keep his grades up as well. 

Usama Malik
Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary/University of Texas at Austin
Major(s): Master of Divinity/Master of Science in Social Work

Usama is what some might call a career student. After graduating with his bachelor's degree in 2015 from the University of Texas at Austin, Usama enrolled in a dual degree program offered by the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and the University of Texas at Austin in Divinity and Social Work, with hopes of going into Islamic chaplaincy as well as counseling, particularly with Muslim youth. Currently, Usama is the only Muslim student at the Seminary, and is on track to be the first Muslim to graduate with a Master of Divinity as well as a Master of Science in Social Work in the institution's 116-year history. Upon concluding his studies, Usama looks forward to serving the Muslim community and youth through the fields of counseling and chaplaincy and bringing awareness to various stigmas within the community, particularly with the youth. Apart from academics, Usama is happily married to his wife Sara, who also works as a social worker and mental health counselor for the Dallas/Fort Worth Muslim Community.  

Naela Patel

North Lake College

Major: Psychology

Being a Muslim Indian immigrant who's and a first-generation college student, Naela has learned to take advantage of all opportunities that come her way in order to succeed in her higher education. She's currently majoring in Psychology and plans on attending medical school for Psychiatry. Naela is a major advocate for various social justice issues such as immigration, women's rights, animal rights and last but not least, Mental Health. Through attending medical school, she hopes to reduce the stigma surrounding needing help for mental health in her community and provide counseling, especially to abused women and children. Naela has been involved with her MSA chapter for two years where she was elected Treasurer and currently serves as President. She's extremely active on her campus with other organizations such as Phi Theta Kappa, Psi Beta, etc and is the STEM Ambassador for North Lake College.