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What is MOS?

The MSA Organizational Summit (MOS) is an annual training program for MSA officers and other community leaders. This weekend-long retreat is designed in consultation with various organizations specializing in organizational development with the goal of providing MSAs with practical advice in various key areas, including navigating board dynamics and gender relations, creating safe-sacred spaces and inclusive environments, and activism.


August 18-20, 2023

Lutherhill Camp & Retreat

La Grange, Texas

Early Registration: $40 + Free Shirt

Deadline: July 28th @ 11:59 PM CT

Regular Registration: $50

Deadline: August 16th @ 5 PM CT

Spots are limited! Register soon!

Welcome Packet Coming soon

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we really going camping?

  • While we love the enthusiasm, this is not a full-fledged camp! Campers will be housed in bunks (gender-segregated) and activities will be held indoors and outdoors. A camp-style retreat cultivates a sense of purpose and allows campers to connect with nature, free of distraction.

Who can attend?

  • Our programming focuses on MSA officers and rising student leaders; however, all interested MSA members and community leaders are welcome to attend! Our sessions and workshops aim to develop leadership skills and values that are applicable to all Muslim students

Who is required to come?

  • Each MSA must bring its MSA president and/or two current board members.


Why is it required for MSA boards to attend? What's in it for us? 

  • Well, there are two benefits to attending the MSA Organizational Summit (MOS). 

  1. Each MSA that is registered with LSC is eligible to receive up to $500 through our MSA Grant Program. However, an MSA with a representative (president or 2 board members) that is present at MOS is eligible to unlock an extra $500 for their MSA. This means that your MSA can receive up to $1,000 in funding for your events and activities!

  2. Being in a leadership position is an amaanaha trust or responsibility to something or someone from Allah (SWT). As a leader, it is your responsibility to properly prepare for what your role will entail. Therefore, attending, learning, and connecting during this event will provide you with the right tools and mindset to better serve your community!

Can I bring my friends?

  • Absolutely! As long as you and your friends are 18 years or older and registered, you are all welcome!

How do you pronounce MOS? 

  • It's actually just the letters, so M.O.S.! No, it is not pronounced like the word moss (eww). Just MOS! 

What's on the agenda for MOS?

  • We'll be releasing our Welcome Packet soon! In the meantime, visit our Gallery to get an idea of what to expect!

What else will be on this Welcome Packet?

  • The Welcome Packet will have all your essential information, including session and speaker information, amenities, and even a packing list!


Will I get a free T-shirt if I pay the regular registration price?

  • Free t-shirts are only for EARLY registrants. However, we will have a few shirts available for purchase at MOS at full price. 


This is a little pricey for college students. What's included in my registration payment?

  • Usually, the price of an all-inclusive weekend summer camp is close to quadruple the price we offer—but this is why LSC is different! We cover the majority of the expenses for our visitors and speakers. Your registration just covers your lodging at the cabins. Everything else—from food, activities, speakers, and other surprises—is covered by us! 

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