msa organizational summit

What is MOS?

The MSA Organizational Summit (MOS) is a training program for MSA officers organized by the Lone Star Council. This is the first weekend-long retreat to focus on MSAs, with the program designed in consultation with various organizations specializing in activism and organizational development. This weekend-long organizational developmental training will provide your MSA with practical advice in various key areas, including recruiting and retaining members, dealing with conflict between officers and members, da’wah, and gender relations. 

Bonfire Session

Mufti Wasim Khan

History offers us the opportunity to reflect and learn from the individuals who defined it. Islamic tradition holds numerous leaders who contributed to the development of the ummah. This session will look into the past at notable Muslims and highlight them as role models for us today.

MOS 2019 Topics

Getting it Done: Identifying Best Practices for your Event

Mohammed Islam and Tian Soepangat

Successfully executing an MSA event starts with the planning. Explore methods of event planning in an interactive simulation with real-life twists and turns.


Middle Ground

Nabeeha Tariq and Aisha Fall 

Following the Youtube channel Jubilee's series "Middle Ground". The goal is to teach everyone that good leaders are those who listen. To new ideas, to conversations, to problems, and learn how to address them as well. As an MSA leader you have to make sure you listen and are aware what your community/MSA is experiencing, how to be a communicator and not aggressive/passive, and learn how to address situations. We will be tackling various topics head on, in interactive circles to explore the varying opinions.


Dawah Training

Fahad Tasleem

Islam has become the most misunderstood theology in the United States. Islamophobia, bigotry, and hate have become more apparent and even encouraged in some parts of the world. This session seeks to teach participants the necessary knowledge set to debunk common misconceptions of the religion.


How’d We Get Here: Dealing with Stress & Burnout

Rujman Khan and Ameera Khan 

Serving on the MSA board is all fun and games until stress, burnout, and conflict arise. How do you keep the momentum going when no one cares? How do I balance my religious, social, and academic obligations while preserving my mental health? In this session, we’ll discuss the realities that come along with being an MSA leader, and provide practical tools and tips to create an effective game-plan for dealing with stress and burnout as an MSA executive board.


FACE Training

Alia Salem & Sara Bawany 

Facing Abuse in Community Environments will help attendees understand their role as barriers and solutions when facing abuse in a community setting. Topics will cover an overview of abuse scenarios, strategies on how to prevent abuse, and processes on how to deal with it once it happens.  We will also touch upon a few aspects of your obligations as leaders in positions of power and how that affects your organizational roles.


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