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Weekend of

What is the Weekend of Service?

The Weekend of Service began in January 2020 as a means of strengthening our bonds with our respective communities across the state. As we enter a new year and look to improve ourselves, we might consider participating in a nice spiritual reboot. The Weekend of Service is divided into two parts: A Day of Giving and a Day of Service.

Day 1 - Day of Giving

On this day, find something to give to any particular group you’d like to serve! Collect blankets and distribute them on this day. Make care packages and hand them out to those asking for help on your local street corners and intersections. Donate to a food pantry or animal shelter. Canned goods, feminine hygiene products, toothpaste, anything you can do where you are donating a physical item.

Day 2 - A Day of Service

Sometimes our hands are what’s needed instead of material goods that help us through each and every day. What good is a bunch of food at a soup kitchen if there is nobody to cook? On this day, commit yourself to service and help those in need with your labor. BE CREATIVE! Read to kids at a local shelter. Have a mani/pedi day at your local women’s shelter. If you know how to cut hair, offer free haircuts at a shelter or senior home. Go play with some cats and offer baths at a kennel. Anything you can do is a physical act of service. While material goods are important, oftentimes our skills are priceless.

Learn more about the Weekend of Service 2020!


Abu Dharr reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:  

“The doors of virtue are many: to glorify Allah, to praise Allah, to exalt Allah, to declare Allah is one, to enjoin good, to forbid evil, to clear harmful things from the road, to help a deaf person hear, to guide a blind person, to direct a person to meet his needs, to lend great effort to one worried and seeking aid, and to carry a heavy load in your hands on behalf of the weak. All of this is your charity, due upon your soul.”

Source: Sahih Ibn Hibban 3459

No matter what you’re doing, no matter how big or small, let us know on our social media pages! Take photos, tag us on our social media @msalsc, and use the hashtag #LSCWOS2020 to share your work! Let’s work together to embody the spirit of the beloved Prophet ﷺ . 

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