Project Sadaqa is a collaborative effort from all MSAs to give back. This initiative started in 2013 when MSAs from across Texas came together at the state capital to volunteer. The goal for Project Sadaqa is to build relations with our community by volunteering our time to help those in need.

Project Sadaqa 2022

This years Project Sadaqa charity is F.A.C.E. . Who are they?
 "Facing Abuse in Community Environments ( F.A.C.E.) was formed in 2017 to create a framework by which to address the leadership accountability gap within the U.S. and Canada.  Their mission is to foster safe community environments by holding abusive religious and community leadership accountable. Their vision is to create safe community environments based on prophetic values that support spiritual and personal growth for all."

Learn more about F.A.C.E. on their website and their promotional packet!

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Project Sadaqa 2022: 
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