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“You will not enter Paradise until you believe, and you will not believe
until you love one another." 
(Sahih Muslim)

Our programs are uniquely designed endeavors that are carved out specifically to fill the gap in MSA event planning and infrastructure. Our 2 main areas of focus are organizational support and enhancing student support initiatives. Our vision is to make MSA a space that is inclusive and sustainable for generations to come. 

Since 2002, we've developed a variety of programs! Explore our current offerings below.

MSA Grants

We sponsor events and programs up to $500 for MSAs in our network. Apply today for funding! 

Student Scholarships

We provide five $500 scholarships to MSA students every year as part of our Student Support efforts. Applications go live in September.

Project ALUM

Project ALUM is a community built for and by former MSA students. Join our network for professional development, spiritual growth, and more!


Ever wondered how to get halal food on campus? What about a prayer space? Hear from successful MSAs that have accomplished these goals. We'll provide a toolkit and resource packet for your MSA to get started!


Eid Gift Swap

Join us for an intercouncil initiative! We partner up with MSA West (California), Midwest MSA, and InterMSA (New Jersey) to connect our members together to swap gifts on Eid.

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