msa Showdown

The MSA Showdown is a three-day, weekend-long tournament that brings together collegiate MSAs across Texas and beyond. During Showdown, we host various competitive events, like sports and art competitions, as well as different social and religious activities, such as halaqas and volunteer events. There's always something for everyone at the MSA Showdown!

The MSA Showdown first began in 2006, as an idea by the LSC founders as a way to unite their friends on different campuses. Over the years, Showdown has grown bigger and better, with attendance nearing 2,000 students. We host Showdown in coordination with an MSA in our network. 

Previous host schools include UT Arlingon, Texas A&M University, UT Austin, Southern Methodist University, and UT San Antonio. Our most recent MSA Showdown in 2022 was hosted at the University of North Texas.


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