A consultant has been assigned to your MSA. They should be in communication with your President. If you feel that you need assistance with your MSA or you can benefit from our experiences, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can directly email your Consultant or email us at


Anyone can get (s)elected for a leadership role, but actually fulfilling its responsibilities is more involved than asking your friends to vote for you or running uncontested in an election. You are a role model to Muslims and an ambassador for your faith on campus. In this session, you will learn how to use the ethics and values granted to you in the Qur’an to hone yourself as a leader and use your leadership skills to impact the people around you.

Purpose of an MSA

Here’s a fun fact - Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan informally started his education with his MSA. This is a powerful institution, tragically underutilized in campuses. It is a social haven for wudhu-performing, alcohol-abstaining Muslims, a school for those looking for an education on how to rekindle their relationship with their Creator, an episode of Mythbusters for Islamophobes, a matrimonial website for a few as well. It’s time to have a conversation about how far off we are from building this institution to the level it should be at.

Board Dynamics

Board dynamics can make or break an MSA. The way officers interact with one another, whether it is during officer meetings or in front of the general body, is crucial in shaping the culture of an MSA. In this session, we will talk about what MSA board members can do, individually and collectively, to perfect this critical aspect of your MSA.

Recruiting and Retaining Members

Many MSAs struggle with recruiting members, and even more struggle with retaining them. We will address what your MSA can do to maximize attendance at your events, and, much more importantly, what you can do to get them to want to be a part of your MSA.

Gender Interactions

This is an issue in almost every MSA. Some MSAs decide to address it by pretending it doesn’t exist. Some put up a barrier and move on. It can be hard to understand the line between proper and improper gender relations in the MSA. We will help you wade through this. In this session, you will learn how to create an environment in your MSA where opposite genders can interact without crossing the proverbial “line”.


Muslims in universities have the power to shape the way young Americans perceive Islam, an opportunity not fully realized by most MSAs. Learn how to maximize your efforts to increase awareness of Islam and Muslims on campus to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Online Tools

Emerging MSAs may not be familiar with the various types of online tools that are available to streamline their MSAs. We will also discuss the use of various online tools such as creating official emails, Google Docs, Doodle, DropBox, and others.


With the diversity and creativity on the MSA board, we are able to come up with revolutionary ideas, but are always limited on resources. This session will cover how to create and sustain a budget for the school year. We will also discuss different avenues to raise money, including different grant opportunities that might be available on campus for not only monetary donations, but advertising opportunities as well.

Election Process

It can be a challenge deciding on an election process that selects officers based on a combination of merit and popularity without excessive bias. This session will cover the best practices for elections and the pros and cons for the different elections processes.

Event Planning

Every educational event, social, and workshop requires careful and particular planning to create a successful event. You and your fellow officers will get a chance to sit down with a seasoned MSA veteran to go through every step necessary to create the best event for you and your MSA constituents, including the budget and program, and you will be given a take-home packet to use when organizing future events.

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