The Lone Star Council works with MSAs across Texas and with national organizations. At the core of the LSC's mission are projects and ideas to help connect members, grow leadership within well established and new MSAs, give back to and support our communities, and address problems and exchange ideas to help MSAs reach their highest potentials.

MSA Organizational Summit (MOS) 2018

The annual MSA Organization Summit (M.O.S.). M.O.S. is a one day leadership training program for MSA's. If you are an MSA officer or want to be an MSA leader in the future, this event is for you! Click "LEARN MORE" for more information!

Msa National Conference

MSA National conference will be taking place from August 31st - Sept 3rd in Houston, Texas!
This years theme is Generation Thrive: Our Ancestors' Wildest Dreams. 
For more information and updates on speakers, programs, and more, click below!